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Will the Discontinuation of LIBOR Disrupt Your Investments?


November 12, 2021

The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) has been a primary benchmark in financial markets since the early 1980s. But it’s being phased out.

Why is the industry moving away from LIBOR? What will replace it? And what will this transition mean for investors, borrowers and banks?

Learn more in the latest episodes of For What It’s Worth.

Part 1: What does the discontinuation of LIBOR mean for investors?In the first installation of this two-episode feature, Greg Sitrin, head of fixed income trading at Raymond James, discusses the reasons behind the shift and implications for investors holding LIBOR-tied securities and contracts.  


Part 2: How will the LIBOR transition impact borrowers?In the second installation, you’ll hear from Bill Geis, head of private client banking at Raymond James Bank, who details how the move away from LIBOR will affect individual and corporate borrowers.  

Recorded October 19 and 22, 2021. Hosted by Paige Lenssen, CFA.

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