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Support Your Long-Term Plan Throughout the Summer

Mark your calendar with important tax deadlines and market closures.

Schedule some time to review your Social Security benefits, insurance needs and online privacy settings.

Summer 2021 market closures

  • July 5: Independence Day (observed)
  • Sept. 6: Labor Day

Dates to remember

  • June 15: The deadline for U.S. citizens abroad to file tax returns. Second quarter estimated tax payments are also due, if required.
  • July 1: Parents and students might want to make note of deadlines for scholarships and paid internships in July.
  • Aug. 5: Observe Information Security Day – update your passwords for all online accounts to keep your personal information secure.
  • Sept. 15: Third quarter estimated tax payments are due.

Things to do

Register with SSA.gov: Check your earnings history for accuracy and review your expected benefits – doing this regularly should ward off error. If you’re close to retirement age, discuss with your advisor when and how you should file to maximize household benefits.

Safeguard your estate: Check the beneficiaries of your IRAs, insurance policies, trusts and any other accounts, and update information that is no longer relevant. Ensure your plan protects you and your family in the case of an unexpected event.

Call a family huddle: Legacy planning is more than sharing wealth. It also includes passing down family values and history to the next generation. Host a family meeting to have an open conversation about the traditions that can help create a living legacy.

Update your professional team: Speak with your advisor about major life changes you’ve experienced and how your financial plan could be affected. These changes include marriages, births, deaths, divorces, a sudden windfall and more.

Mind the college deadlines: Many colleges and universities have registration and tuition payment deadlines in the summer months. If you have a 529 plan, make sure to discuss qualified expenses and payment plans with your advisor.

Review insurance needs: Periodically assess and update coverage to ensure proper protection, especially if you’ve experienced any major life events in the past 12 months.

Enjoy wide-open spaces: When it comes to summer vacation, Americans are gravitating toward nature travel. That’s the scoop on 2021 from Trafalgar, which has seen an uptick in bookings for tours of national parks. Travelers are also looking to stay in nontraditional spaces such as treehouses and domes, an Airbnb survey shows.

Talk to your advisor to make sure you don't miss any important financial planning dates in the coming months.

Raymond James financial advisors do not render legal or tax advice. Please consult a qualified professional regarding legal or tax advice.

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